Tips to Remove Hair Dye from the Carpets

You know what is the latest in the trends of hairstyling that is hair colors. However, it no longer considers being a taboo for a person to have a bright rainbow of color throughout the locks. Men and women of every age group are going for bold and vivid rainbow hues color for hair. Some people even stick in the entire rainbow. The dyes used for coloring hair might look beautiful but it could turn out to be disastrous for your carpet. This is why carpet cleaning services providers suggest it important to have a check over the carpet frequently.  

Remove Hair Dye from Carpet

What You Can Try to Remove Hair Dye from Carpet? 

Firstly, you need t o blot the hair dye instantly using a paper towel or clean cloth. Then, you should mix a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent along with a cup of lukewarm water. You should keep in mind that you are using ideal amount of cleaning products to avoid any kind of fiber damage. It is also important for you to use a hand dishwashing soap instead of soap made for dishwater. You might not be aware of the fact but dishwasher detergent would also result in damage of your carpet. Next, the experts of carpet stain removal suggest taking a clean white cloth or strong white paper towel and dipping it inside the mixture of soap and water. 

You need to start from the outside of the stain caused by hair dye and work towards inside direction by lightly dabbing or blotting the stain. You should allow the soap solution to sit over stain for approximate of 2 minutes. Once you are done with leaving the soap then you should work over the stain for blotting it again. There might be need for you to repeat this process several times for carpet stain removal. You should use clean areas of cloth for blotting up the stain and it might take some time. 

When you are done with the removal of hair dye then you should rinse the soap from your carpet with the help of cold water. You should make sure that you are blotting your carpet properly after rinsing it with fresh cloth or white towel. 

In case, any of these things do not work for removing the stain then you should carefully try to lighten stain using 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide. For this, you need to take a cotton swab and dip it inside hydrogen peroxide for a few seconds, then go for gently dabbing the small spot of dye. You should allow it to sit over your carpet for 24 hours. Hydrogen peroxide is well known for pulling out all types of dyes and colors from carpet. Now, you would like to fill in the colorless spots with new carpet dye for matching with the existing colors. The experts of carpet cleaning suggest it to apply sparingly. 

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