Shampooing is one of the best options to deep clean a dirty carpet and resurrecting its originality. The process also extends the lifespan of the good old carpet. Generally, it is a real pain for most of the people as they do not have any idea how to go ahead with the cleaning process. To make them smile, here is the stepwise process for cleaning a carpet like Professional Carpet Cleaners Services.

Carpet Shampooing Service
Carpet Shampooing Service

The Procedure for Carpet Shampooing is as Follows:

  • Cleaning the Room and Making Space: –

    The first step is to take out all the furniture out of the room to take those to one side of the room to make space for the proper cleansing process. 
  • Thoroughly Vacuum the Room: –

    Using the vacuum cleaner is very effective as it removes larger dirt particles, hairs, as well as dust balls, making all set for carpet sanitising. The process also makes the carpet fluffy which is very helpful for shampooing. Putting some extra vacuuming effort can be helpful here. Going in straight lines and then doing it for another time that crisscrosses the first set will be great. While vacuuming give attention towards stains and marking those as these Carpet Stain Removal require pretreatment prior to shampooing. 
  • Treating The Stains Properly: –

    Carpet stain remover will be used here. The solution needs to be sprayed on the stains and the cleaner needs to work as per the direction. However, some patches like blood stains will need extra effort other than stain remover. There are carpet shampooing meant for such stains which can be used in such cases. 
  • Buying or Renting the Shampooer Machine: –

    If one is buying/renting the machine, some research can be of great help. The apparatus should be verified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as it ensures the machine works fine and efficiently cleans carpets. Lastly it is recommended to read the instruction manual properly to understand the various parts, buttons, and settings of the machine. 
  • Filling The Shampooer in With Water and Adding Carpet Soap: –

    The shampooer needs to be filled with the proper amount of water mentioned in the instruction manual. One needs to be cautious while filling water in the machine as there is a line that marks the maximum amount of water it can hold. Hot water can be very effective in Carpet Steam Cleaning the stains. Carpet cleansing soap also needs to be added in the directed amount. Use of extra soap may clog the appliance or may leave soap foam on the carpet. 
  • The Cleaning: –

    One should start the cleansing process from corners and by making strips. From one side to another side of the wall needs to be covered in every strip. And then the reverse process will be followed. Here, the shampooing machine needs to be pooled slowly so that it cleans the carpet effectively and no dirt is left behind. The machine needs to shoot soapy water into the carpet and then suck it back, and to make sure the process it happening properly, one needs to go slow. Once the first cleansing process is done, the machine needs to be emptied and this step needs to be followed for the second time without soap and using cold water for proper sanitization of the carpet. 
  • Drying The Carpet: –

    Now let the clean and sanitized carpet dry totally before putting back all the furniture in the room. 
Expert Carpet Shampooing Service

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