What are your upholstery cleaning methods?

a)We use many many methods to clean your upholstery such as :
1)Hot Water Extraction: It is used for upholstery  Cleaning that requires a greater degree of cleaning. We adopt this procedure on upholstery that has stubborn stains and have deeply settled pollutants in it.
2)Steam Cleaning: we use this process for soft and delicate fabrics. In this method, we apply a foam solvent or a dry powdered cleaner to the fabric of the upholstery.
3)Dry Cleaning: in this method, we clean the upholstery without using any water. The method uses a cleaning powder that is sprinkled on the fabric and is worked upon. Later, it is vacuumed.
4)Carbonation Cleaning: here carbonating cleaning solutions having an effervescent effect is used. The method requires less water.