How To Sanitize A Curtain?

The curtain in our houses has to deal with a lot of things from day to day. From dust, dirt and debris to occasional spillage, to counter this problem regular vacuum cleaning isn’t enough. Therefore, you have to do something extra to do the curtain sanitization, overtime, curtain harbours various bacteria & germs. It’s important to use disinfectant once in a while so that bacteria won’t harbour on your curtain.

In this blog, you’ll read how you can make your curtain sanitized and clean by following simple tips.

Curtain Sanitization
Curtain Sanitization

To Start With You Need Following Items.

To begin with, it’s necessary to first gather all these items because you can not start cleaning without all these items. Therefore first gather these items then start the cleaning.

  • Vinegar or any disinfectant.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Cleaning solvent for steam cleaning.
  • Steam cleaning machine.

Sanitizing The Curtain.

To sanitize the curtain add a half cup of vinegar in half a cup of lukewarm water. Pour it in a spray bottle, spray it on all over the curtain surface. Just do not overdo it make it moist enough. Let it dry on its own, you can apply a deodorizer to remove the smell. All the bacteria will die eventually because of vinegar.

Steam Clean The Curtain.

Steam cleaning is the best way to sanitize the curtain, but before steam cleaning makes sure you have treated any existing stain on the curtain. If you do the steam cleaning over stain it’ll become permanent. Therefore make sure you do the Curtain Stain Removal process separately. To begin steam cleaning, fill the machine tank with water then add cleaning solvent in a little amount. You can do the steam cleaning while the curtain is still hanging.

Start the cleaning and ensure you’re doing it slowly and properly. Once you’re done leave the curtain overnight to get dry. Once it’s dried it’s ready for use and completely sanitized. This method is only applied on.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Call Professionals.

Having your curtain cleaned by professional curtain cleaners is a smart choice, at Kangaroo Curtain Cleaning services we make sure that the curtain has been cleaned properly. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to do curtain cleaning. We also provide a variety of curtain cleaning services such as Curtain Steam Cleaning, curtain stain removal and curtain sanitization. For bookings dial the flashing numbers on the website we will surely help you out with curtain sanitization.