How to Remove Makeup from Carpet

Makeup is very essential but when it feels on the carpet it becomes a big task to pull it out. Removing the makeup as soon as possible is very important as later it becomes difficult to treat them. Many ladies ignore cleaning the makeup from their carpet and later it damages the fabric and even leaves a bad impression on the guests who arrive at your place. Makeup consists of chemicals that are not even good for your family along with the pet. There are many methods that help in eliminating the makeup from the carpet. 

Many homeowners try to remove the makeup by applying the stain removal products available in the market which have the chemicals and are not at all safe to you and your loved ones. It is essential to use the biodegradable solution to remove the makeup. So let us now go through the best and safest tips to avoid mistake in carpet cleaning.

Remove Makeup from Carpet

Finest Method for Removing Make Out of The Carpet

  • Step 1: Remove The Excess Amount –

    The first you have to do is take a fresh cloth and remove the excess amount of the makeup from the carpet. Gently remove the stains by dabbing on it and make sure you do not spread it on the stained areas. It is essential to take out the extra amount of makeup from the carpet so that later the deep stains can be treated easily.
  • Step 2: Prepare The Solution –

    To prepare the solution, take an equal amount of vinegar with cold water and mix it well in a spray bottle. Vinegar is one of the most efficacious solutions when it comes to removing any kind of stains present on the carpet cleaning in Brisbane. It is an easily available ingredient and is not harmful to the fabric and the users.
  • Step 3: Cover The Stains With The Solution –

    In the next step, spray the vinegar solution on the stains and cover it completely. See to it that the solution deeply reaches to the fabric. Let the solution be on the stains for a few minutes and then using a cloth blot the stains.
  • Step 4: Clean It With Fresh Water –

    Take some freshwater and rinse the stained area properly. Use a good cloth and absorb the solution along with water. Ensure that there is no solution left behind.
  • Step 5: Carpet Drying –

    To dry the carpet take some dry cloth and dab the area. You can even use dryers in order to dry the carpet speedily. You should take care of your carpet and use it once it gets thoroughly dried so that you don’t face any mold problem in the future. 

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