How to Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould?

Curtains are the most beautiful way to decor your home as well as we use curtains in our showers. But there is a problem of getting unusual mould on curtain fabric that we all have to deal with. What is the solution and how to protect shower curtains from getting mould or mildew is challenging for you? Several questions come in mind but the most effective solution can not be found easily without doing something. You can get professional help as it is very essential to keep the curtains clean and fresh by hiring yearly Curtain Cleaning Services. Yet, we are going to tell you some useful and tested techniques for protecting the shower curtains. So, read this blog and know how to prevent mould growth on the shower curtains. 

How to Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould
How to Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould

Three (3) Useful Ways to Protect Shower Curtain from Getting Mildew:

  • Select The Right Category of Shower Curtains –

    Usually, we all prefer to choose the curtains according to the home exterior and it is obviously true that you see design and fabric and also the colour. While buying shower curtains, it is very essential to check that curtains are PEVA or not. You can also choose polyethylene vinyl acetate curtains instead of PVC shower curtains. 
  • Cut Extra Fibre From The Shower Curtains –

    Generally, we see all types of curtains are available in the same size. And, if you plan to install the curtains in your shower, you should cut the extra fibre of your shower curtains. Take a measurement of the area where you are going to install the curtains and cut an extra piece of fibre to fit it. This action will reduce the chances of getting mould on your curtains because the curtain will not be in the contact of water accumulation any more. Or, you can hire Professional Curtain Mould Removal if the situation is out of control. 
  • Wash Shower Curtains Regularly –

    Most people wait and delay the cleaning procedure until the curtains get mouldy or dirty. So, there is no need to wait for cleaning the curtains until the mould starts to appear on them. You should keep your shower curtains clean and fresh timely. You can get professional guidelines or service of Shower curtains cleaning in Sydney
Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould
Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould

Professional Tip for Cleaning Curtains at Home.

Take 1 cup of white vinegar and 4 cups of plain water and add some liquid dish soap to make an effective solution. By making this mixture, you can easily clean your curtains and will be able to remove mould at home. So, put this mixture in a small spray bottle and shake well to get the effective result. Spray the solution on the mould area and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. then, wipe up or rinse the area after cleaning. If you didn’t get the desired result, you can hire Expert Curtain Cleaners to get the mould stains out from your lovely curtains. 

Choose Most Reliable and Local Curtain Cleaners in Sydney

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