Floors in a commercial building is a large area, all the people like customers and the employees roam which make the carpet look dirty and cause stains. This is the irony of commercial places, people don’t care when they make things dirt, but become the first one to complain about the cleanliness of the place. Moreover, carpets in commercial places are susceptible to a huge amount of dirt, the place can become dirty very quickly because of the traffic.

While maintaining cleanliness on commercial carpets seems like a never-ending work, the work is necessary since cleaning floor is required to avoid any kind of allergies and illnesses. Moreover, keeping a business’s reputation positive in the community. Follow these simple tips to keep your commercial carpets and extend its life and appearance.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keep clean the outdoor areas.

Cleaning outside premises of a commercial building is really effective for controlling the dirt accumulation inside the building premises. By hiring a maintenance crew you keep the outside area clean. Keep the sidewalk area and parking lots free from any debris, to avoid mud, use water to wash it off.

Place walk-off mats.

Walk-off mat is very useful, especially in a commercial place. It helps in preventing dirt from entering the premises. Because of a walk-off mat, the accumulation of dirt reduces to 50%. While cleaning the carpet, the walk-off mat should also be cleaned. As it must be prepared for the next day.

Vacuum the carpet regularly.

Vacuuming the carpet daily makes the carpet looks good also it prevent carpet from dust buildup. Hiring a team for daily vacuuming must be a good option for vacuuming the carpet daily.

Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets
Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

Use desk and chair mats.

Desk and chair mats can be used on the floor to prevent furniture from ruining the carpet. These types of furniture sometimes damage the carpet floor. Thus, to prevent this situation you can use mats below the desk and chair.

Don’t let stains sit for long.

Some area where traffic is usually more,  are more prone to dirt buildup, spills and stains. If the stains or spills occur treat the stains immediately, ignoring it for long can make the stain permanent.

Train the maintenance crew.

To treat the stains managing the maintenance crew is important, train them about stain and spills treating technique.

Carpet Sanitization Services
Carpet Sanitization Services

Ocassional deep carpet cleaning is necessary for carpets.

Hiring professional for deep carpet cleaning once in a while is always recommended as regular cleaning does not sanitize the carpet or remove dirt and grimes. If you have any problem related to carpet cleaning in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane come to Kangaroo Cleaning Services. We have multiple services available for carpet cleaning. We’re the best commercial carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. We offer all the services for carpet cleaning, such as carpet dry cleaning, carpet stain removal and carpet sanitisation.

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