How to Clean Old Urine Accident Stains from Bed

While cleaning anything our prime aim should not be to clean-up the affected area only but the objective must be to feel the contentment of living in that suitable hygienic environment so that our mind and body both feel relaxed and away from all the bad odours which has a direct effect on our soul. Some unintentional manners like peeing on the bed are the worst issue that a child can ever experience; it is mainly a disorder that many of the adults face too.

Even after taking care and pampering by their parents many of the children still become the victim of this syndrome. It is truly said that peeing on bed is a hormonal imbalance that has been caused by constant worry, anxiety or sleep apnea and this might be the reason that along with little kids some of the adults as well as teenagers are suffering from it. Although a diabetic patient always feels like peeing either he is an adolescent or a mature person, he passes a high level of urine and is scared of doing bedwetting.

Clean Old Urine Accident Stains from Bed
Clean Old Urine Accident Stains from Bed

Therefore, all this leads to a stubborn stain on the mattress that can last forever if remain ignored for a long time. Also, the bad odour of urine is annoying and sometimes gets on the nerves too. So, observing it as early as possible or on the same day of the incident is better, in any case, to remove the whole stain accurately.

Dealing with bedwetting incidents is a big deal as it has the most unpleasant smell with a stain which keeps encircling around the mind the whole day. Thus, in order to remove these old stains, there are quite a few ways such as by using some of the commonly accessible items like vinegar; baking soda or it can also be done by any liquid dish wash.

Few Way to Such as by Using Some of The Commonly Accessible Items Like:

  • Initially, blotting should be the first thing to do whenever we start cleaning blemishes of urine.
  • Use any paper towel, it will drench the spot.
  • Rinse it finally with normal water to see it done.
  •  Make sure not to rub it harshly as the spot can spread on the whole bedsheet.
  • Then pour some baking soda on the mark and keep it for about 20 minutes.
  •  one can also leave it on the affected area for some more time if the stain is old and extra dark.
  •  After this, brush off the baking soda firmly. For better results, repeating the process will not harm your mattress cleaning in Sydney.
Remove Old Urine Accident Stains from Bed
Remove Old Urine Accident Stains from Bed

In addition to this, any old urine smudge from a mattress can be banished by chemical hydrogen peroxide.

  •  You just need a little amount of baking soda with this chemical solution and a few drops of any available liquid dish wash.
  •  Finally spraying it by mixing in a larger straw bottle you can enjoy a good smell and a spotless mattress.

Furthermore, vinegar is one of the best items to steep any smell or water from a sheet, vinegar is basically an ordinary ingredient of every Indian kitchen but it must be a white vinegar bottle to get stain-free bedding. If you noticed a urine spot instantly and sheet is still wet, it will be easy to do it, vinegar can easily immerse with a paper towel whereas if the spot has already set in when became 2 or 4 days old then spray the solution on it and leave it for 15 minutes and blot it after drying. 

Hence, cleaning this mess as early as possible becomes mandatory when its bad odour becomes unbearable and causes frustration while sleeping either any pet or human has done this. As pets have a strong sense of smell, until you clean your sheet they keep thinking that it is their allowed peeing quarter. Apply any solution by removing blankets and sheets from the bed so that there will be a proper space for departure and ventilation and nothing will obstruct the airflow.

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