Eco-Friendly Tile Cleaning: The Best Choice for All

Every homeowner wishes to have gleaming tiles but no matter how much ever you are careful they get easily stained and filthy. Moreover, a lot of bacteria and allergens also get attracted to your tiles. It is very essential to maintain the tiles to increase the life of it. Many of you try cleaning the tiles using the chemicals which are very harmful to both tiles as well as to you. So you need to avoid using commercial chemical tile cleaners and opt eco-friendly and natural solutions. 

There are various solutions which are easily available in your home and work great to clean the tiles. You will get many benefits when you use a biodegradable solution such as there is no reaction, no spread of health problems, your tiles will be thoroughly cleaned, and so on. Professionals also suggest cleaning the tiles using natural solutions. Below are the few tile cleaners which are eco-friendly and give an effective result when put into use. 

Eco Friendly Tile Cleaning Service
Eco Friendly Tile Cleaning Service

Best Eco-friendly Tile Cleaning Solutions

  • Vinegar –

    Vinegar is undoubtedly one of the most effective and excellent ingredients when it comes to cleaning the tough stains residing on your tiles. It has some finest qualities which easily eliminate the stains as well as the other contaminants present on your tiles leaving them shiny and neat. The best thing is, it has an acidic nature that stops the growth of mould and bacteria on your tile floors. All you need to do is take the vinegar and some amount of water, mix them well and later scrub the tiles well by applying this solution.
  • Baking Soda –

    Baking soda is another best Eco-friendly solution that is easily available in every kitchen and has no side effects. This solution works best in cleaning the floor and also helps in removing the bad odour. You might see some water stains on the tile which can be thoroughly cleaned by baking soda. To use this solution of tile and grout cleaning in Hobart, you can simply take some baking soda in a bowl and use a damp cloth to scrub it over the surface. In the end, rinse the tiles and grout thoroughly with fresh water. 
  • Lemon –

    You might be amazed at how lemon is useful in cleaning the tiles. But the fact is lemon juice is a supernatural cleanser and is well known for removing different types of stains from the tiles. Just like vinegar, lemon juice also consists of acidic nature and is an outstanding tile stain cleaner. To get a desirable result you can even mix lemon juice with the baking soda. 
  • Salt –

    Salt is also considered as one of the finest Eco-friendly solution and is the best choice to clean the wet tile floors. If you want to clean your tiles regularly, you can sprinkle some salt in the water and then wipe the tiles with a fresh damp cloth. If the tiles are too dirty then all you can do is wipe the tile with a damp cloth and then apply salt and scrub. Make sure you are letting the salt stay on tiles overnight for the better result. Whenever you use this remedy ensure to use coarse salt. 
Tile Cleaning Solutions
Tile Cleaning Solutions

Take The Help of Professional Tile Cleaners

If you find inconvenience in cleaning your tiles then you can even hire professional tile cleaners. Kangaroo Cleaning Services is a reputed tile and grout cleaning company and we provide safe and affordable tile and grout cleaning services. Our team uses the Eco-friendly solution and the best techniques to clean the tiles. Your tiles will start shining like brand new with our service. Get in contact with us today to hire our cleaners.

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