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Recruit Curtain Cleaning Experts in Hobart

Are you searching for the best curtain cleaning service provider in Hobart? Fret not! You can choose Kangaroo Cleaning Services for your curtain woes. We offer curtain steam cleaning, roman curtain cleaning, blinds cleaning, mold and stain removal. Moreover, our skilled curtain cleaning Hobart experts use different innovative technicians to retain the previous appearance of your curtains. Moreover, we take down and then rehang the curtain so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Furthermore, we also provide curtain deodorizing and use the latest equipment pieces for the job. Our experts strive to complete customer satisfaction. For same-day appointments, give us a call now on 0488 844 961!

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We are Experts in The Following Services:

At curtain cleaning Hobart our team of staff will be able to carry out curtain cleaning for you, The services that you will get from our curtain cleaning technician include:

  • Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Blinds Cleaning
  • Curtain Stain & Odour Removal
  • Drapes Cleaning
  • Domestic Curtain Cleaning
  • Roman Blinds Cleaning
  • Roller Blinds Cleaning
  • Curtain Sanitization

Our Effective Curtain Cleaning Process

Our team of technicians will dry clean all your curtains or fabrics if required. When your curtains and blinds become dirty and you find it hard to clean them, we will send a technician to pick up your curtain from your office or home then bring it over for dry and steam cleaning before delivering it back to you, ours is the same day service.

  1. Pre-testing – to know the kind and nature of the curtain fabric
  2. Detergent Selection – We can carefully choose the curtain cleaning detergent so that the color of the curtains does not fade out.
  3. Stain Removal – If there is any stain on the curtains, we try to remove them as long as the fabric and nature of the curtains allow us to do so.
  4. Mould Treatment – If required
  5. Steam Cleaning – We use the latest equipment to steam clean your curtains
  6. Extraction – We extract all the dirt, stains and pollutants from your curtains
  7. Deodorising – Finally we deodorize the curtains.

Benefits of Curtain Cleaning Hobart

At curtain cleaning Hobart, our curtain cleaning technicians know that any client that comes to us for blinds and curtain cleaning is our king. We ensure that all our clients get the best curtain cleaning and stain removal services. Each of our curtain cleaning technicians is bound by duty to attend to the specific needs of every client. All curtains brought to us undergo curtain steam cleaning proficiently within the stipulated time, when they leave our premises they look new.

The curtain cleaning methods used by our curtain cleaning technicians are very advanced, the technicians apply the most effective stain removal mechanisms that utilize the latest equipment in the market.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Hobart

Our curtain cleaners  can remove the curtains  & rehang back your curtains after the laundry cleaning service.

  1. Our curtain cleaners will take down and re-hang your drapery
  2. No Toxic Drapery Cleaning Chemicals
  3. Roman Blinds Cleaning
  4. No Shrinkage & No damage to curtains
  5. Onsite & Offsite Curtain Cleaning Services

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Services.

Kangaroo Cleaning Services is a renown company for providing various curtain cleaning services. We are working day & night to make our clients experience better, with our same day curtain cleaning services you can avail the benefit of having curtain cleaning service on the same day of booking. We have made our policies customer friendly so that our customers will book our service again. If you also wan to have the benefit of our service, give us a call, we will send our team to your place.

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Same Day Curtains Cleaners Hobart

Curtain traps a lot of dust, throughout the day and occasional spills and stains are also very common. Sometimes, the condition of the curtain gets really bad and the cleaning job becomes difficult, the situation gets worse when you have to clean the mattress for any occasion. But now you don’t have to worry anymore, we at Kangaroo Cleaning Services are offering same-day curtain cleaning services, in which we accept bookings for same-day curtain cleaning service. So, if you want to have your curtain cleaned urgently, you can call us for booking, we will send a team to your place on time. Contact and hire our experts cleaners for high quality curtain cleaning in Sydney also at nominal prices.

Why Choose Kangaroo Cleaning Services To Clean Curtain?

Our quality services are affordable by anyone regardless of their status in society, we serve all. We are passionate about providing all our clients with superb curtain cleaning services by charging you very affordable rates, our prices are affordable.

  • Our Curtain technicians are honest and punctual
  • No hidden curtain and blind cleaning cost
  • Onsite Curtain steam cleaning.
  • Offsite Curtain Dry Cleaning
  • We provide curtain and blind cleaning services over the weekend.

Curtain Cleaning Hobart Facts

We care for your curtains because we know that purchasing new ones that match your interior decor can sometimes be very tough and expensive. Many people prefer our curtain cleaning services because they are affordable. You should feel free and approach us for blinds and curtain cleaning with your rubber backed, dirty curtains that have been giving you a constant headache on how you will have them cleaned. We will clean them professionally and hand them over to you after restoring them to their original state. The services that you will get from us cannot be gotten elsewhere. Our curtain cleaning technicians are ready to clean your curtains whether they are rubber backed or not, blinds and curtain cleaning does not pose challenges to Curtain cleaning Hobart as we pride in giving the best service to all our clients.

Our Curtain Cleaning Hobart Customers

We serve both corporate and individual clients on the same day. All our blinds and curtain cleaning clients know that at curtain cleaning Hobart our curtain cleaning technicians keep very close attention to details by observing the following:

1. At curtain cleaning Hobart we accurately take 100% measurements of length and the width of every curtain or drapes so as to give our customers 100% accurate quotations.
2. We agree with our client on the total cost of all drapery cleaning.
3. Our curtain cleaners check out for any existing damage to curtain or on drapery including any stains etc. this is aimed at avoiding any misunderstanding at a later time.
4. At curtain cleaning Hobart, we effectively use Eco-friendly curtain cleaning solutions that are safe for your pets and family.
5. Finally, we encourage customers to do a final inspection on their drapery.

Our Curtain Cleaners Team

The reputation of our company speaks for itself, no one can doubt us. We stand out as a very popular company in all neighborhoods and we are readily available to solve all those blinds and curtain cleaning concerns that keep pressing you from time to time. Reviews from our domestic curtain and blind cleaning clients indicate that we have diligent curtain cleaning technicians that every customer is happy to be associated with.


Can you remove stains and smells from all fabric curtains?

Yes. Our company aims to remove maximum stains and smells possible. It is always helpful to get information on how stains occur. We can remove all possible stains but not for the ones in which the colour has been damaged by the attacking material. However, you can get a curtain deodorization service that helps in removing all unwanted smells. 

What can make my curtain go mouldy?

The warmness of the continuous sun falling on the curtains and the windows with glasses thrives to introduce moistness and humidity in the room and around your curtains. The moistness on your windows may not cause a mould to form, yet it can contribute to the humidity and warmth near the drape when the sun shines on it. In order to avoid mould-buildups in your curtains, allow your rooms to have good airflow and ventilation.

Washing or dry cleaning in Hobart: Which is better?

Most curtain fabrics have labels on them- whether the fabric is dry clean or safe to wash. But, in our service experience, this is not enough at all. Our Hobart curtain cleaners wash your curtains thoroughly. Moreover, we follow unique curtain cleaning procedures. We first vacuum your drapes, wash them, treat their stains and odours and finally hand them up after sanitisation. Also, all of this is done by following safe and fabric-friendly solutions.

Can there be any sort of lingering smell on my drapes post cleaning?

Usually no! However, at times a few curtain fabrics are built as such that leaves a faint bleach smell on your curtains. If this happens, there is no need to worry. The lingering smell on curtains vanishes away within a few hours or days.

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia