Top-Notch Service For Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Carpet Cleaning Canberra: The carpet is one of the most overused products at home or at work. It needs maintenance and thorough cleaning every few months.

Kangaroo Cleaning Service provides reliable carpet deep steam cleaning and dry cleaning service for all types of carpets. We help you deal with spots and stains removal, accidental spillages, urine and other dirt. All our methods are eco-friendly and safe for pets and children too. We also offer scotchguard protection service. Call us on 1800 173 334

Carpet Cleaning Canberra
Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra

We use carpet steam cleaning for making your carpets stain, dirt, and contaminant free. For carpet steam cleaning, water and cleaning solutions are firstly applied and extracted using the heavy-duty machine, which pulls the dirt, and contaminants present in the carpet. Afterward, the carpet is dried with help of air dryers, so you can bring them to use at the earliest. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning

We use carpet dry cleaning for making your carpet dirt and stains free but within a less amount of time. Once your carpet is cleaned with this method, you do not need to dry it for a long time. Though this will not serve to remove the embedded dirt and stains particles deep inside but your carpet will look neat and clean. 

Carpet Stain Removal

If your carpet has any type of stain then feel free to contact us. We are serving the city of Canberra for more than 20 years with our fabulous carpet cleaning services. In the service of stain removal, we are ready to remove from a small spot to hard to clean stains. We ensure that there is no bad impact on the carpet cleaning agent and the stain removers. Your carpet will be free of all types of stains at the end of our service. 

Carpet Mould Removal

Moulds on the carpets are not a good sign. It is bad for your family health as well as for the condition of your carpet. This enhances the rate of the damage of the carpet. Our professionals will clean your carpet properly and remove the mould from the carpet fibres such that it does not grow again. We have our own techniques and methods to remove the mould and that has been proven very effective.

Carpet Sanitization

If your carpet is in a bad condition that means filled in with germs and bacterias then you need to book with us for carpet sanitisation. Sometimes your carpet may seem clean to you though some harmful germs are staying there. They are not visible with naked eyes. It requires professional cleaners to kill and remove them. Our professionals can help you the best for this need.  

Carpet Shampooing

Most of the carpets with washing instructions purposes carpet shampooing good for most of the carpet fibre types. In this method, our professionals will soak your carpet with the water and then clean the carpets with shampoo recommended by the manufacturers. Our professionals are equipped with the required tools for the carpet shampooing so you will not have to look for anything. All will be ensured from our side. 

Hot Water Extraction

Carpets keep on getting dirt but their cleaning is mostly ignored. Ignorance leads to the growth of stain and mould. Get high-end services by the professionals of Kangaroo Cleaning Services who will make your ambience magical with clean & spotless carpets. We use suitable cleaning solutions which maintain the strength of the threads in carpets. Our professionals are highly recommended for Hot Water Extraction Services.

Scotchgard Carpet Protection

To get affordable carpet cleaning and scotchgard carpet protection in Canberra come to us. We provide the services at such affordable rates so that we can be helpful to all types of customers. We have categories of service based on price, you can make choices for suitable services which fit your pocket. You will not regret your decision to choose us for carpet cleaning and scotchgard carpet protection.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Kangaroo Cleaning Services is a team of professionals who are ready for the end of lease carpet cleaning service in Canberra. We not only clean your carpet but also keep in mind the environment and surroundings. As we know that the use of corrosive and harsh chemicals are certain to have bad impacts. That is why our professionals only use Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning solutions which are safe for all. So you can rely on us for this service.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Services

Hiring our professionals for carpet cleaning Canberra can have a host of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Professional carpet cleaning services can get rid of all kinds of dust particles, stains, dust mites and the likes from the carpet. This adds to the hygiene quotient of the house, focusing on keeping all carpets and upholstery clean. To add to that, professional carpet services also cater to mold growth, in high humidity conditions.
  • Cleaning your carpets also boosts the lifespan of your carpets.  Every product you have at home requires some maintenance in order to keep it in good shape. When you work towards maintaining and cleaning your carpets on a regular basis, you are making sure that the product does not collect dust and dirt. In this way, you can use it for a long time without having to worry about replacing it.
  • Cleaning your carpets could also improve the health condition at home. We often tend to ignore cleaning the carpet. But little do we know how unhealthy this might be. This introduces all kinds of dust and dirt within the house such that the ambiance becomes unhealthy. When you undertake regular cleaning and maintenance jobs, you are basically keeping the carpets clean and in turn, making your environment more hygienic. A cleaner environment guarantees better health.
  • A clean carpet also gives your house better aesthetics. There is no doubt that the carpet is an important part of your home décor. This is because it occupies most part of your floor. So, it is essential that you keep it clean in order to keep the house looking clean.

All Kinds of Carpet Stains We Clean are: 

  • Nail polish
  • Urine
  • Pet 
  • Blood 
  • Food 
  • Coffee
  • Ink 
  • Wine
  • Slime

Carpet Cleaning Process Followed Here

Our clients come to us with different carpet cleaning Canberra requirements. Be it a carpet repair, mold removal from carpets, carpet steam cleaning, flood carpet cleanup and the list of the problems goes on. We follow an elaborate process to take care of your needs.

  • Pre-inspection
    Firstly, our technicians will pay a visit to your home or office in order to inspect the situation of your carpet. We will measure all the cleaning requirements in the product and give you a thorough report of the same. We then provide you with a free quote.
  • Commercial pre-vacuum
    We make use of a twin motor vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt and dust from the carpet.
  • Pre-spotting
    This process basically increases the chances of spots and stains’ removal by treating the carpet with special chemicals.
  • Pre-spray
    With the help of a pre-conditioning spray, the dirt breaks down in the carpet material.
  • Pre-grooming
    In this step, we use a grooming machine to agitate the fibers in the carpet in order to make them loose .
  • Extraction
    We use an extraction machine to rinse the carpet. This removes the loosened soil.
  • Post-groom
    This step dries the carpet in the right way to maintain the quality of the material.
  • Speed-drying
    Moreover, we use high-velocity air movers to speed up the drying process of the carpet.
  • Post-cleaning inspection
    Once all the steps have been followed, our inspectors visit your location to ensure that the work has been carried out well and that you are happy with the results.
Carpet Cleaning Process In Canberra
Carpet Cleaning Process In Canberra

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra 

Carpets in the commercial and industrial building are common cover to the floor as well as placed on doors for dusting off footwear. The large traffic gives a high accumulation of dirt which further become a reason for the growth of stains and microbes. Get Commercial & Industrial Carpet Cleaning service available with us and free yourself from the stress of carpet cleaning on such a large level.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Canberra

We know the trends of keeping carpets in the house and residential building. We provide specific cleaners for residential areas as they are known to the kinds of dirt and stain carpet in the residential area. We with our support team ensure that the carpet gets cleaned without any damage and ready for use again. Our inspection service will tell you whether your carpet can be cleaned or not as they might get damaged if already in worse conditions.

Same Day Or Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service 

The carpets in our house and office are a very vulnerable item, it traps a lot of dirt and dust every day, sometimes things get worse when something spills and becomes a stain. Usually service professionals take one to two days at the earliest to come and provide the service, which makes things difficult. But at Kangaroo Cleaning Services we understood this, therefore we provide same day carpet cleaning service, in which we deliver the service on the same day. For bookings, you can contact us.

Carpet Cleaning Services In Canberra
Carpet Cleaning Services In Canberra

Why Choose Us?

Carpet cleaning becomes a tough task if it remains uncleaned for a longer time. The dirt and stain residing in it do not come out easily as well it creates more problems while washing. Call expert cleaners from Kangaroo Cleaning Services who are experienced in this work so much that any type of carpet cleaning becomes a hassle & stress- free for them. Our cleaners are able to operate modern cleaning tools as well as they are acknowledged about carpets.

  • We are local experts, well equipped to handle your carpet needs
  • We charge affordable prices
  • Further, we provide guaranteed services
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary concern
  • Additionally, we use the best methods, techniques, and detergents to clean your carpets
  • We are just a phone call away! Thus, call us right now to book an appointment and get the best carpet cleaning Canberra!

Get professionals from Kangaroo Cleaning Service if you are looking for reliable and local carpet cleaners. With over an experience of many years, we understand the kind of services and professional our customers prefer. Most of the customers want local cleaners so that they can easily communicate and share their issues. It also becomes easy for us to understand the carpet cleaning needs and prepare ourselves accordingly to provide the better services each time you get served.

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