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If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning team to clean your carpets then you can consider hiring experts from our team. Here at Kangaroo Cleaning Services, we are a team of the best experts available in Brisbane who can free your carpets from all cleaning problems. In Particular, we have mastery in stain removal and steam cleaning. Also, we are available to work on all days and act over your queries to make the availability of easy carpet cleaning sessions for all in Brisbane. So, whenever you need to hire a Carpet Cleaning Brisbane team, we are here for your help and service.

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    Our Specialities

    24x7 service in brisbane

    24*7 Service

    We are there to serve at any hour or day that you might need us. We know and understand very well that emergencies can happen at any given time.

    eco friendly chemicals

    Eco friendly chemicals

    All our chemicals and cleaning solutions are eco friendly in nature. This has been our practice from day one.

    cheap and affordable services In brisbane

    Cheap and affordable services

    Kangaroo Carpet Cleaners Brisbane, doesn’t charge a pretty penny for our services. All our services are cheap and affordable and arguably better than our competitors.

    obligation free quotes

    Obligation free quotes

    Any quotes you get from us, they are all obligation free.

    only the best tools available

    Only the best tools available

    Our cleaners can only do so much. In order to ensure you don’t get anything apart from the best, we have made sure that our equipment is nothing but the best as well.

    available all across brisbane

    Available all across Brisbane

    It is in our name, Kangaroo Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. so, it stands to reason that we are available all across Brisbane.

    We Clean All Kinds Of Carpet Services in Brisbane

    carpet steam cleaning brisbane

    1. Carpet Steam Cleaning

    The main pros of this method are that it rids the carpet of any dust, pests, stains etc. In this method of carpet cleaning, water is heated to extremely high temperatures so that steam is produced. The steam is then directed to the carpet where it breaks down any and all dust particles, stains and grime on the carpet. Once this is done, you can also hire us for carpet steam cleaning in Canberra.

    carpet hot water extraction brisbane

    2.Hot Water Extraction

    Hot water extraction is another method of carpet cleaning. In this, the main purpose is to clean the carpet as thoroughly as possible. The water is not heated to as high levels. So, the steam formed is not pure and more of a mixture of steam and hot water. This mixture is then used to thoroughly rinse clean every inch of the carpet’s fibers.

    end of lease carpet cleaning brisbane

    3. End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    End of lease carpet cleaning goes a long way in extending the life of the carpets despite the place not going on lease immediately. Oftentimes, people overlook carpets completely and so the carpets are in very poor condition. But you need not worry because we do quite a good job of restoring the carpets to how they should be looking.

    carpet dry cleaning brisbane

    4. Carpet Dry Cleaning

    In this process, a low moisture cleaning solution is applied across the carpet. It will rapidly break down any dust, grime, oil etc that may have settled down on your carpet’s fibers. Once done, the coagulated solution can be easily vacuumed off.

    carpet stain removal brisbane

    5. Carpet Stain Removal

    Just like aging, accumulation of stains on a carpet over a period of time is simply unavoidable. But you need not worry because we at Kangaroo Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Brisbane specialize in removing all kinds of carpet stains.

    carpet mould removal brisbane

    6. Carpet Mould Removal

    Mould creeps in without much notice and once it takes hold in the carpet fibers, it becomes nigh impossible to get rid of it. We will first remove the carpet from the premises so that the spores don’t spread inside your house. Then, a few dry passes later, the carpet mould removal process is finished by washing it.

    carpet shampooing brisbane


    Shampooing is one of the cheapest yet quite an effective way of cleaning carpets. In this, foam is generated through specialized soaps and cleaning solutions. This foam is then allowed to percolate down to the base of the carpet. Once done, it is cleaned off by using water and a rotator.

    carpet disinfection brisbane


    Just like carpets accumulate stains over time, they similarly accumulate dust and grime. This dust is loaded with allergens and infectious microbes. So, in order to eliminate these microbes and save yourself from all sorts of infections, disinfection of carpets is done.

    carpet dyeing brisbane

    9.Carpet Dyeing

    There are some things that we would like you to know before we proceed with it though. Firstly, we can’t dye the carpet to a lighter tone and secondly, for optimal results, choose a darker tone of your current tone. While this is a cosmetic change, carpet dyeing still is an essential part of carpet upkeep.

    carpet sanitization brisbane


    Carpets are the biggest magnets of dust and infections in a household. If you are one of those people, then you are at the right place. The process is quite similar to that of carpet disinfection. But the end result is quite satisfactory.

    carpet scotchgard protection brisbane

    11. Scotchgard Protection

    Scotchgard protection for carpets is a relatively new idea. In this, a heavy spray is sprayed upon the carpet and allowed to settle down. This spray forms a layer across each fiber of the carpet and protects it quite effectively.

    A Few Examples Of Stains That Kangaroo Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services Guarantees It Will Remove

    nail polish stains removal

    Nail Polish Stains

    urine stains removal

    Urine Stains

    pet stains removal

    Pet Stains

    blood stains removal

    Blood Stains

    food stains removal

    Food Stains

    coffee and tea stains removal

    Coffee and Tea Stains

    slime stains removal

    Slime Stains

    wine stains removal

    Wine Stains

    A fair few numbers of these stains can be removed via DIY methods. However, if you are looking for the best results possible, i.e. stains removed without a trace, then you should call professional carpet cleaners only. Plus, we guarantee you that while doing the aforementioned, we won’t damage your carpets in any way shape or form.

    Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important?

    Carpets are that one item of home décor that slip through your mind the first. As a result, these overlooked objects often destroy the look you are going for once they start accumulating dirt and dust. Not to mention that it ends up playing host to a lot of bacteria and other harmful microbes. So in order to rectify this state of affairs, a carpet needs to be cleaned often and cleaned well.

    best carpet cleaning brisbane

    Do’s Before Calling Us

    Before you decide that you have had enough of that dirty carpet and call us on 0488 844 961, there are a few things that you, yes you, will have to do. Most of these tasks are quite easy to do and the ones that you have trouble doing, you can always ask our cleaners to help you out with.

    make sure the room is not needed

    Make sure the room is not needed

    The most important thing that you can do for us is to make sure that the room is not needed on the day of the cleaning. We insist that nobody enters the room while our cleaners are doing their jobs.

    remove all small and breakable items

    Remove all small and breakable items

    Small items tend to get in the way of cleaning and in extreme cases, might lead to inadvertent trips and falls. So if all the small items that might fall and cause these trips and falls are removed, then it will greatly hasten the speed of cleaning as well as our cleaning experience. As far as breakable items go, if they are not inside the room, our cleaners will spend less time worrying about them and more time cleaning your carpets.

    keep the pets away

    Keep the pets away

    While we have made it a point to use only natural and eco friendly chemicals while cleaning, they still are quite potent. So, in case your pet somehow manages to ingest it, it would cause them a lot of discomfort.

    move out the furniture

    Move out the furniture

    Furniture greatly hinders the work space as we constantly have to think of ways to get around it. Not to mention, it too contributes to unwanted trips and falls. So for greater mobility and ease of mind, we would like to request you to remove all the furniture from the room. And in case you have trouble doing so, you can ask us to help you along, for a small fee of course.

    Other Services You Can Avail At Kangaroo Cleaning Services

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    We serve and clean commercial carpets of all shapes and sizes from commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes. So if you have a commercial carpet that needs cleaning, give us a ring.

    commercial carpet cleaning in brisbane

    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    In case of any residential carpet cleaning needs, don’t wait. Just give us a call and let us work our magic.

    residential carpet cleaning in brisbane

    Emergency Carpet Cleaning

    We understand that emergencies can happen at any given time and you may need our services at the drop of the hat. But don’t worry, we are available 24*7 and our service quality remains unwavering

    emergency carpet cleaning in brisbane

    Truck Mounted Services

    Truck mounted servicing is available for all the clients who opt for hot water extraction. We will park a truck on your premises in order to get the pipe for the hot water and then we will get to work.

    after party cleaning in brisbane

    After Party Cleaning

    Parties can devolve into train wrecks quite easily and often, by the time they end, there is a gargantuan pile of waste behind. In case you are dealing with something similar on your carpet, do not be afraid to give us a call.

    best carpet cleaning in brisbane

    Why Choose Kangaroo Cleaning Services For Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane?

    Kangaroo Cleaning Services is the trailblazer when it comes to carpet cleaning. Not only will we take care of every single need that you might end up having, but we will do all of that at extremely affordable prices.

    Some of our other salient points are

    eco friendly cleaning solutions
    Eco friendly cleaning solutions
    prioritizing customer satisfaction
    Prioritizing customer satisfaction
    no hidden charges
    No hidden charges
    flexible timings and 24x7 availability
    Flexible timings and 24*7 availability

    FAQ’s On Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Walking on the wet carpet after cleaning is acceptable or not?

    No, you should not walk on the wet carpet after cleaning. It can increase the chance of mould and stains growth.

    How long does professional carpet cleaning take?

    For a carpet size of 15*15 Square Feet, it can take 1-2 hours. The factors like size of the carpet and condition of the carpet increase or decrease the time.

    What method is best for carpet cleaning?

    Steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning a carpet. We have all the requirements for carpet steam cleaning.