Carpet Cleaning Service To Make Your Home Better

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane – Kangaroo Cleaning Services is a famous and trustworthy carpet cleaning company in Brisbane. We provide professional carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, wet carpet cleaning, carpet repair, re-stretching, and carpet stain removers at affordable prices. Our experts will help you to get rid of all types of stains that get piled on your carpets and spoil its look. Kangaroo has been toiling in this business for more than 20 years and provides carpet cleaning services at an absolutely affordable price so you can easily avail of our beneficial services in Brisbane and it’s suburbs. We have a crew of just the adept and accredited professionals who clean the carpet with the most efficient techniques. You can reach us online or offline and we will help you the best in every way.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane
Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

There are numerous sources present in your house and surrounding which can be the reason for making your carpet dirty. Carpet cleaning will reduce the risk and make your house and carpet safe for use. It is very necessary to clean a carpet on time else you will have to invest big for its cleaning & your family health.

Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane
Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpets is a good quality practice to remove dust, dirt, and debris stuck deep in the carpet fibers. The steam cleaning method involves injecting hot pressurized water into the carpet fibres to clean it effectively and remove the stuck-in pollutants. When the water is extracted from the carpet, dirt and contaminants are pulled along. The bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other allergens present in the carpet get killed when the steam is introduced to the carpet.

Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning uses a unique powder detergent or similar chemicals, applied with a small amount of water. This process includes direct application of the foamy or dry cleaning solvent onto the carpet to break down the stains and dirt. And then the carpet is agitated with equipment, so the solution can reach deep into the fibre. The carpet is then vacuumed to extract the loosen dirt and stains, and residue of the cleaning solution.

Carpet Stain Removal

It is quite difficult to keep your carpets free from stains and odors. If you have tried carpet cleaning the stain on your own and did not get success, hire our experts. Our professionals know all the ways to get rid of carpet stains and odors, and make them as cleaned as new. Our high quality carpet cleaning services never fail to impress our client. 

Carpet Mould Removal

Mould on the carpet is not an uncommon situation. It happens on your carpet and other belongings when the environment inside the house is warm and humid. These are favourable conditions for carpet mould development. These developments spread many harmful diseases in the home. Trying to remove the mould using home DIY methods can spread the mould spores all over the place. Thus, when it comes to carpet mould removal services in Brisbane, calling for proficient help is the right thing to do.


Get to the experts of our company and available the most effective carpet sanitization services in Brisbane. Services charges for these services are also affordable which you will easily afford. Even after regular cleaning, there are still a few hours left on the carpet which contaminate the environment. Hence, carpet sanitization improves air quality and makes the carpet clean, new, original and fresh. It also helps in lengthening the life of the carpets. So get to our carpet cleaning experts today and available the best services at fair cost.


As said, it is a team of experts, we are an experienced cleaning and sanitizing all types of carpets including woolen carpets. If you are planning to clean your valuable carpets watching online videos, then drop the idea right away. Cleaning any types of natural fiber carpet using DIY methods can ruin its texture. Lack of appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions can completely destroy the looks as well as the health of your carpet. Your attempt of saving on the best carpet cleaning services Brisbane can result in you paying a hefty amount on buying a new carpet. So always prefer us for carpet shampooing. 

Hot Water Extraction

Bring our Brisbane’s local carpet cleaners who can provide carpet cleaning services to your residential and commercial areas in Brisbane and nearby locations. Our professionals have the expertise in Hot water extraction and we are making it accessible for all. The cleaning team of our experts are completely certified and licensed and accommodate your carpet cleaning needs. 

Scotchgard Carpet Protection

Our cleaners are talented in the carpet cleaning industry. We also use the most modern technology and equipment. We make your old carpet look young again.  Kangaroo provides Scotchgard™ protection against stains. Kangaroo provides the best carpet cleaning services in commercial, residential, and industrial areas at an affordable price.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

The staff of our professionals is also specialized in end of lease carpet cleaning services in Brisbane and all near suburbs in 200km. Brisbane’s carpet cleaners provide bond carpet cleaning services. We have been proving as the greatest help to tenants at the end of lease carpet cleaning. With our first-class cleaning solutions and higher skills, we bring you the best results that increase the chances of getting your bond back.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane
Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

All Kinds of Carpet Stains We Clean

  • Nail polish
  • Urine
  • Pet 
  • Blood 
  • Food 
  • Coffee
  • Ink 
  • Wine
  • Slime

Carpet Cleaning Process

A Stainless and dirtless Carpet is what everybody wants and what makes any space look tidy and charming. Whatever your carpet cleaning needs are, Kangaroo Cleaning Services are there to save your money and time.

Steps For Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Inspection
  • Pre-Spray
  • Vacuuming
  • Stain Pre-treatment
  • Cleaning Procedure
  • Deodorizing
  • Sanitizing
  • Furniture Moving
  • Hot Water Extraction and Rinse
  • Post Spot Treatment
  • Apply Carpet Protection
  • Speed Dry
  • Post Grooming
  • Neutralizer

Why Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

There are singular types of carpets made of wool, velvet, silk, or nylon having different cleaning needs. Only a professional can understand whether the carpet requires steam cleaning, dry cleaning & washing. A wrong cleaning method can ruin the look of your carpet and ultimately may have to replace it. Hence, it is much better to spend a few dollars and hire professional help, instead of replacing the entire carpeting and spending away from more than needed.

Plus, regular cleaning you do at home to clean the carpets is not enough. Your carpets need a deep cleaning for the complete removal of dust, bacteria, dirt, contaminants, allergens, and other impurities from the carpets, and professionals can do that.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane 

Kangaroo offers the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Brisbane. We have been serving in the field for more than a decade & know all the norms & regulations. We own an experienced team that knows how to maintain office decorum while doing the job. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, our services are unparalleled. Kangaroo provides commercial carpet cleaning services at the most unbeatable prices.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Brisbane service professionals are there for you available 24*7 hours for the emergency services. We understand how all carpets are made and constructed which means we know how to clean them and make that suitable for your place. Book for our services, our professionals will be there at your place within 60 minutes.

Same Day Or Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service 

Looking for affordable, professional and the local experts for carpet cleaning in Brisbane that too on the same day of booking. We are a family-owned Australian business operated by the help of several teams of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The carpet gets an accumulation of dirt and stain particles. In some of the odd situations, it can get mould as well as odour growth. There is no substitute for professional cleaning. Stain removal is our team specialty, we remove the spots and stains left behind by others. Our professionals can help your carpet the best to get rid of these unusual conditions. Make a booking with us to get same-day service at an affordable price.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service
Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

Why Choose Us As Your Carpet Cleaning Company?

We are serving the homeowners for more than two decades for Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Our expert carpet cleaners provide the cleaning services across the Brisbane and surrounding areas. Whether you want them to provide cleaning services within your house & take away your carpets, it is all up to you. We offer same-day carpet cleaning services at unbeatable cost. Just call 1800 173 334 and you have your carpet problems sorted.

Being a well-established company, we are a big name for the carpet cleaning industry in Brisbane. Our only aim is to offer the clients with the affordable and best carpet cleaning services across Brisbane.

Some of the best reasons for choosing us include:

  • Australia wide cleaning company
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Family-owned Business
  • All licensed and certified cleaners
  • Trustworthy and reliable company
  • Best and safest cleaning products and solutions for your carpets
  • Latest equipment for carpet cleaning
  • Affordable carpet cleaning prices
  • Years of experience
  • #1 Carpet Cleaning Company In Brisbane
  • Australia Wide Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Provide Daily Deals On Carpet Cleaning
  • Making Old Carpet Look New Again
  • Emergency Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane
  • Free Quote Service
  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Brisbane:

✅ Are your professional cleaners, able to remove pet odours from the carpet?

🙋 Our professional cleaners are fully capable to remove the pet odours from your carpet. We use a high-quality pet odour neutralizer to clean the affected area of the carpet. So, call us immediately to get professional carpet cleaning services with no complications.

✅ Are you available on weekends too for serving customers?

🙋 Yes, we are always available to provide carpet cleaning services. We can clean all types of carpets professionally by utilizing the best and appropriate techniques. You can hire our professional cleaners on weekends too.

✅ Do you provide carpet cleaning services with the sanitizing procedure?

🙋 Yes, we provide carpet cleaning services with also sanitizing procedures. We provide carpet cleaning services in several ways. So, call us and book or best service providers for cleaning your carpet.

✅ Do you provide a carpet steam cleaning service?

🙋 Yes, Steam cleaning is our specialty. Our cleaners are experts in carpet steam cleaning. Moreover, we also deliver carpet dry cleaning, carpet stain and mould removal, carpet deodorizing and carpet repair services, etc.

✅ Can you help me with woollen carpet cleaning?

🙋 Surely. We clean your woollen carpets to perfection with the help of advanced tools and quality cleaning products. We will first inspect your carpets and give extra attention to the areas that need more care. For more information about our services, contact us at our 24×7 helpline number.

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