The mattress is a common source of comfort and coziness in our sleep and plays an important role in providing us with a soft or firm surface to lay down and sleep upon. A mattress has to go through a lot of accumulation of dirt and dust and stains on the mattress is also a problem which we face. Sometimes an injury or a wound can result in the spilling of blood on the mattress and blood stains are very gross and frightening for us too. If left ignored blood stains can get contaminated with bacteria and may spread bacterial infections too, Also blood stains can permanently damage your mattress fabric and can hamper the life and quality of your mattress. We are sure no one wants to sleep on a mattress which is stained with blood. So we are offering you an easy procedure for blood stain removal from the mattress:

Blood Stain Removal From the Mattress
Blood Stain Removal From the Mattress

For Fresh and simple Bloodstains:

Things needed:

  • Salt or detergent
  • Cold water or icy water
  • A towel or a cloth


Spilling of fresh blood on the mattress should be taken care of instantly to avoid the spread of the blood around and inside the mattress. For fresh blood stains, you should use a cloth rinsed in cold water. Use this wet cloth to rub the surface of the blood stain on the mattress, Keep rubbing to clean of the stain and remove any sign of blood. Bloodstain if seeped deep inside, pour a lot of salt on the stain and let salt reach deep inside the padding of the mattress. Leave the salt over it for a few minutes and let it remove sticky blood from the padding. Finally, use a cloth rinsed in detergent and rub the stain vigorously. Rubbing of the stain with detergent will also help in the eradication of blood stain and remaining salt as well. Leave the mattress to dry naturally.

Blood Stain on the Mattress
Blood Stain on the Mattress

For Old And Stubborn Blood Stain Removal:

Things you need are –

    • Spray bottle
    • Baking Soda
    • White Vinegar
    • Simple cloth or towel


  • Step 1: Old and stubborn blood stains on the mattress can be removed by using baking soda and vinegar. You should sprinkle baking soda on the blood stain and keep sprinkling til the soda covers the stain completely. Leave the soda on the stain for a few time. Now take an empty spray bottle and add white vinegar and warm water in it both added in equal parts. Use the spray bottle to spray the solution on the blood stain with baking soda. Spray the solution extensively and let it reach deep within the padding and saturate the stain completely. Baking soda and vinegar both have antimicrobial properties and can help in mattress sanitization. Baking soda will also eradicate any odour or smell coming from the mattress which is excellent for mattress deodourisation. Leave baking soda and the vinegar solution on the stain for some time.
  • Step 2: After some time you will see the blood stain has vanished and chunks of baking soda caking will be seen. Take a brush to remove soda powder and chunks form the mattress. Vacuum clean your mattress to finish blood stain removal and get rid of remaining dirt and soda powder left on the mattress.
Mattress Sanitization
Mattress Sanitization

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