5 Top Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Curtains

Curtains look beautiful, elegant, and classy and help to brighten up your home. It is important to clean the curtains carefully because they could ruin the entire fabric, if not done perfectly.

  • Check if curtains are dirty

If curtains are in one place for a long period then it doesn’t mean you need to wash them. Dust particles float into the home and curtains trap the dust particles. These dust particles can cause allergies, especially in asthma patients. So use a soft brush to clean the dust particles and you can notice a difference in your curtains. But if you still notice dirt then call professional Curtain Cleaning Service in Hobart

Curtain Cleaners
Curtain Cleaners
  • Always check the label before washing

Many curtain fabrics come with washing instructions and if not then you can counter-check with your retailer. Fabrics have different degrees of delicacy and you should wash them in a certain manner. Some curtains need to be dry cleaned and some materials you can wash at home. 

  • Clean In Machine 

If your fabric allows machine wash then sets the machine at a low spin to avoid any excess damage. Fabrics such as linen and silk don’t need to be washed in the machine. These fabrics need a professional Curtain Cleaning Services. Always choose the best quality and it’s important to consider the environment that you will be using them in. To withstand lower temperatures it’s important to treat PVC especially. Hire professional Curtain cleaning services to install your curtains. 

  • Cleaning curtain by hand 

Avoid curtain cleaning in the machine; always prefer to clean your curtains by hand rather than by machine. Massage your curtains in cold water. Don’t use a dryer to dry your curtains, no matter how you are cleaning your curtains either by hand or by machine. There are high chances of shrinkage because of the dryer’s tumbling motion.

  • Use best products to clean your curtains

Febreze fabric, steam cleaner with upholstery detachment, Washing machine and detergent, iron, vacuum and trusted dry cleaner are best to increase the lifespan of curtains. Curtains and blinds accumulate dirt easily if you leave your windows open. Then outside dust blows inside and makes the air dirty. You can get professional guidelines or service of Protect Shower Curtains from Getting Mould.  

Sturdy fabrics fragile the curtains, if exposed to sunlight for a long period. It is important to use lukewarm water and mild detergent and your curtains on a clothesline to dry or either put them in a clothes dryer. It’s important to clean fragile fabrics gently and after deep cleaning don’t forget to dust curtains and drapes regularly with a vacuum. 

Measure the curtain before washing because sometimes you need to stretch them back into shape. Always remove hooks and any weights so lay curtains flat. 

Dust the curtains by setting your dryer to no heat cycle or you can dust with the vacuum brush attachment. 

If you are hand washing then don’t rub the fabric. Just agitate it gently. Please feel free to contact us at (+61) 482 076 662, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.