Besides being gross, a rat infestation can also turn out to be quite dangerous. When left ignored, the problem can lead to damage to your home’s internal structures, furnishings, wiring, and insulation. The worst part about mice and rat is that they carry more than 70 types of diseases. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to humans. Mice and rat infestation is not hard to detect. The tiny creatures make their presence felt in more than one way. While identifying them is not a problem, dealing with them can actually be.

Mic  and Rat Pest Control
Mice and Rat Pest Control

Here are The Best Ways to Deal With Rats and Mice in An Effective Manner-

  • Adopt a Cat-

    Everyone who has watched “Tom and Jerry” is aware of the relationship that cats and mice tend to share. Cats are predators of mice, rats, and other rodents. With an ability to keep the house free of mice, cats are actually preferred as pets by most of the homeowners. Cats that consume rats are known as mousers and tend to live a shorter life as compared to those that don’t. Since they consume rats, they often catch infections or ticks. At times, they even ingest the poison that the rats consumed and died.  While they do help Cheap Pest Control in Canberra rats to an extent, rat’s nests are usually out of their reach.
  • Clean Your House-

    Cluttered homes are the favorite of rats. Trash not only offers them a perfect shelter to hide but its smell is also tempting to the rats. Hence, you must keep your home de-cluttered to prevent creating a comfortable environment for rats. Places such as attic, kitchen, basement, and closet must be given special attention while cleaning. If you have a tendency of storing wastes in dustbins until they are full, please avoid doing so. It’s best to clean it up every day.
  • Eliminate Food Sources-

    Cutting off the enemy’s food supply lines is considered the best practice in war. The same applies to rats and mice as well. Hence, you must eliminate all the possible sources of food. This will give a rats a feeling that your place is inept to hang around. Place a well-fitted lid around the garbage cans and bins where rats find most of their food.  Also, make sure to keep your food covered in a manner that the rats aren’t able to access it.
  • Seal Your Home-

    Sealing your house is one of the best ways to block all kinds of pests including rodents. These small creatures can easily fit in the smallest of spaces. By having your windows and doors sealed by a professional, rat’s access can be blocked as well. Smaller spaces must also be sealed carefully.  Rats will eventually move on in the absence of food, shelter, and access.
 Rat Pest Control
Rat Pest Control

Why to Trust?

Mice and rat infestation, although a major problem can be dealt with effectively! Just be careful and follow all the instructions mentioned above. Calling professionals is also a great way to eliminate the problem from its roots. When looking for the best source of pest control, Kangaroo Cleaning Services can be relied upon.