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Kangaroo Cleaning Services

Welcome to Kangaroo Cleaning Services Available Australia Wide

Kangaroo Cleaning Services is one of the best if not the best cleaning service that you can avail across Australia. We have been in the cleaning and pest control business for so long that we have become synonymous with the terms reliable, efficient and affordable. Over the years, we have increased the array of services that we provide. As of today, it is more than enough to take care of all commercial and residential needs that one might have for home cleaning and improvements. Plus, the cherry on top is that you can avail all of these services right at your doorstep.

Why we are so adamant about being the best, let us give you a quick rundown:

  • All our cleaning solutions are tested, verified and eco-friendly.
  • The experts doing the cleaning and pest control work, all of them are IICRC certified in their fieldwork.
  • Last but not the least, our quality of service remains unmatched even if you decide to avail our services on short notice.
  • And yes, you can avail all our services on short notice, and for that, we are available 24*7 and do provide emergency cleaning and pest control services.

Today, it would be an understatement to say that we have perfected our services. And why shouldn’t we? You are placing your trust and hard-earned money with us. It stands to reason that we repay in good faith. So worry not dear customer, because your satisfaction is paramount for us.

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    A Few More Things About Us

    competitive prices

    Services At Competitive Prices

    We provide the best value for your money by providing top-class cleaning and pest control services. In fact, we can claim that we are the most affordable cleaning service that you can avail in Australia.

    australia wide service area

    Australia Wide Service Area

    You can avail our cleaning and pest control services all across Australia. As far as the cleaning surface goes, we will be cleaning all of it without any exceptions.

    professional approach

    Professional Approach

    We hire only the best of the best cleaning staff who are IICRC certified. We have carefully built an image of professionalism over the years and it is something we still abide by.


    Availability On Short Notice

    At Kangaroo Cleaning Services in Australia, we understand that emergencies for cleaning and pest control can happen at any time. So we are available 24*7 and on short notice.

    Services Offered At Kangaroo Cleaning Services Across Australia Wide:-

    upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning:-

    Upholstery is one of the most important and valuable aspects of home décor. As a result, it needs a lot of maintenance, which is simply not possible by DIY methods. This is where we come in. Not only will we clean
    all of your upholstery, but we will do so without damaging it in the slightest.

    tile and grout cleaning services

    Tile and grout cleaning:-

    A lot of us have tiled floors in our homes. While it was supposed to make cleaning a lot easier, the reality is that it is not often the case. That doesn’t mean that you can’t clean the tiles or the grout. But if you
    want the best possible cleaning experience, then get the professionals i.e. us.

    carpet cleaning services

    Carpet cleaning:-

    Carpets are often the most overlooked aspect of home décor. So much so that they often go ages without getting a proper cleaning. Well, no more. At Kangaroo Cleaning Services Australia, we will take exceptional care
    of your carpets and restore them to almost mint condition.

    mattress cleaning services

    Mattress cleaning:-

    Like carpets, mattresses too are often overlooked. This ends up in breaking off the spring of the mattress and reducing its life as a whole. Not to mention, the mattress playing host to a number of microbes, bugs
    etc. So in case you have one such mattress, bring it to us and we will clean it.

    curtain cleaning services

    Curtain cleaning:-

    A lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect curtains for your house. Not enough of it goes into cleaning them however. As a result, they end up trapping a lot of dust and other allergens that never get cleaned.
    But don’t worry because we got you covered. Bring your dirty curtains to us and we will give them a thorough cleaning.

    pest control services

    Pest control:-

    Pests have a habit of taking residence in a household without much notice and then be impossible to remove. Not only this, but they bring with them a whole host of health hazards. This is where we step in. Not only
    will we eliminate any and all pests from your premises, but we will do so at an affordable rate.

    rug cleaning services

    Rug cleaning:-

    Rugs, like carpets are often overlooked. As a result, they end up trapping a lot of dust and other allergens without the owners noticing. Not only does this reduce the life of the rug but it also poses health
    problems. So if you are someone with such a rug, do not think twice before bringing it to us for a good cleaning.

    carpet repair services

    Carpet Repair:-

    Carpets often get damaged due to rough handling, no regular cleaning or DIY cleaning. As a result, their lives get increasingly shortened and their fibers more and more brittle. In case you have one such carpet,
    bring it to us. We will restore to its best possible state at extremely affordable rates.

    flood damage restoration

    Flood Damage Restoration:-

    Floods cause a whole host of problems. Not only do they destroy property actively but they often leave behind damp spots for mould to grow in. At Kangaroo Cleaning Services Australia, we assure you that we will
    restore your whole property to its pre flooding state without fail.

    About Kangaroo Cleaning Services

    Kangaroo Cleaning Services has been at the pinnacle of the cleaning and pest control service sector for many years now. During our time, we have garnered a reputation of trustworthiness, reliability and efficiency. Every single one of our past customers has had nothing but the best possible experience with us. Over the years, we have become the benchmark of what is acceptable in case you do decide to avail cleaning services. And unfortunately for our industry competitors, they won’t be meeting the high standards set anytime soon.

    We are not the one who only bluster:-

    • We provide a whole host of cleaning and pest control services that will take care of any commercial or residential premises needs.
    • From cleaning carpets and upholstery to restoring entire property after a flood. We have got it all in the bag and we don’t charge a bomb for it either. All this must be sounding to be true, right? Well, there is even more.
    • Not only are we extremely affordable, but we don’t have a single hidden charge in any of our services.
    • On top of all of this, we go to painstaking lengths to guarantee customer satisfaction. While customer satisfaction remains our top priority, the environment does come in at second. We are extremely careful of what we release into the environment. This goes a long way in keeping the environment clean and being eco friendly as a whole.

    An all-round win-win situation. Anyhow, with such an exhaustive explanation of who we are and what we do, we hope you are satisfied. We can’t wait to hear from you!

    kangaroo cleaning services

    Checklist of Cleaning Services


    We have an experience of many years in the cleaning industry. Over the years, we have pioneered a lot of innovative cleaning solutions and have become the de facto best in business.

    special equipment

    Special equipment:-

    As the old saying goes, “A workman is only as good as his tools.” So, we have made it a point to use only the best equipment out there. All our tools are top of the line and cutting edge in nature.



    Over the years, we have built an image of efficiency that we hope to keep and add to as the years go by. So, we only use the best and the most efficient cleaning solutions in order to give the best possible end results.



    We are renowned for our consumer friendly practices. So in case you are strapped for cash but want the best possible cleaning experience, then you are at the right place. Contact us straightaway for an obligation free


    Carpet Cleaning License:-

    We have all the relevant and mandatory certificates from all the relevant bodies. Plus, all our cleaners are IICRC certified and all the cleaning solutions meet every single industrial standard out there. So rest assured, we are the professionals we claim to be.